Random Musings

This election, like any other, I’ve been actively following the campaign trail, including speeches, debates, candidates’ positions, etc.  Perhaps because for this election I am out of the country, I’ve been especially vocal about my campaign feelings, blowing up Facebook and Twitter with what I feel is relevant information that will clearly help undecided voters find their way over to my side, but which is honestly probably more annoying than anything for anyone but myself to wade through.  More than anything, I’ve been pushing women’s rights because I’m a woman, I believe in them, and frankly, women’s rights are human rights.  There’s no distinction.

I’d also like to voice my prayers and best wishes for everyone affected by the dreadful Hurricane Sandy.  New Jersey is filled with so many wonderful people and places.  I’m lucky enough to call it home.  I will always be #jerseystrong, just like so many other of its people.  I think about how lucky my family is how the week they endured without heat or electricity is marginal compared to the so many people who don’t have homes to go home to.  The beautiful shore areas got hit especially hard, and many people are still displaced and homes are without power.