Snowday!! (I wish…)

Montreal is once again blanketed in snow. I can handle the frigid temps if we at least get some good ol’ white snow. I just heard on the news that we have 20 cm of snow, whatever that means. I’ve finally figured out an approximate conversion in my head for temperature, but length, not so much. Do we have 8 inches? 10? 12? Either way, I still have class today. That’s too bad, since it’s the perfect day to snuggle up with a hot cup of coffee and catch up on work (or tv shows). At least I still have a few hours before I have to bundle up and schlepp outside though.

Last night I made some yummy chili too, which is perfect for the cold weather, and took some homemade bread out of the freezer. The chili didn’t come together like I wanted, and wasn’t quite spicy enough (which I’m blaming on the extra veggies I added and all the moisture in them), but the bread was yummy in my tummy. Looks like it’s going to be leftover Tuesday, and I’m definitely okay with that. Any ideas for the dying Romaine lettuce in my fridge? I picked it up sometime last week thinking, of course I’ll eat lettuce, and each day it gets sadder and sadder looking in my fridge. Maybe my pigeon friends will like it? I’m not ready to make it compost fodder, yet.

Of course I had to download the new Justin Timberlake album today. It’s going to get me through all the studying I should be doing, or at least make it more fun. The question is, to coffee shop or not?

Hoping everyone is enjoying the snow/staying safe and warm!! I’ll be putting up the chili pictures shortly. Also, send any yummy vegetarian recipes my way. I can test them out and review them on here, let y’all know what I think. I’ve been looking for a way to get beyond my chili/mac and cheese staples.  Also I’m throwing up a picture of my brand new basil plant as well.  Anyone know how to keep it fresh?  I’m a bit of an accidental basil killer.





March 16th etc

Schoolwork just isn’t happening on this very lazy Saturday, and I figured the least I could do was write a blog post. This week flew by: it started out deliciously warm, almost 40 degrees, and sunny, but since then, the snow has returned, laughing at anyone who had hoped Spring might actually be around the corner. I’m just not-so-patiently waiting for beach weather, and being brown again (I refuse to use a tanning bed. Ewww.)

Wednesday night (I think it was Wednesday at least), I threw together surprisingly good fajitas, using fondue meat, lots of peppers, chili powder, cumin, and some garlic and onion. And cilantro… yummy! I added some cheddar cheese at the end and used whole wheat tortillas – they were delicious!

Last night I tried out a new (for me) sushi restaurant; Bistro Isakaya. We ordered way too much sushi, and I learned that I do not like sake. I know it’s supposed to be rice wine, but you cannot convince me that it doesn’t taste (and smell) like warm vodka. Tempura rolls abounded, and there was enough for brunch this morning. The waitress, in fact, had to come back and let us know that 23 pieces of sushi a person was not normal, and we should probably consider ordering less. I’m very glad she did, we still had almost a full portion left. Sushi for breakfast was surprisingly good. I knew if it didn’t get eaten the next day it just was not going to get eaten at all. I don’t think I’d let sushi hang around for the normal week or so that I allow uneaten foodstuffs to take up residence in my fridge.

Tonight? The delicious fall-back Weinstein & Gavino’s, or perhaps the sketchy looking Greek place around the corner. Northing much got done in the way of homework today, and something close to maximize time could be a good thing. Later on is a birthday party for a department-mate if I make it that far. It sounds like fun! Aside from eating too much of all the wrong food groups, I had a very productive week, getting done two presentations and a bit of reading. Hopefully this next week will be as productive. I found a delightful new blog to follow… I laughed out loud reading it. Maybe I’m just a spaz, but I found it to be totally relate-able. Just last night I found myself facebook stalking from another profile, and today, convinced myself that the apartment I was looking at on craiglist must have been listed by a psychotic middle-aged man with intentions to find and capture me, and not the normal sounding girls the posting listed. Then again, for the month or so that my curtains fell down last semester, I sat in the dark for extended periods of time because I was convinced the guy in my apartment across the street liked to stare at me. I only realized he was a smoker, and kept leaning out his window to light up after I had flipped him off. Ooops and sorry! Anyway, check out this blog, I really liked it:

I hope y’all are having a safe and happy weekend, especially those of you celebrating St. Patrick’s day. I’m off to dinner, where we will hopefully have more absurd and enlightening conversations with our favorite waiter @ W&G, Eric. (But really, he’s the best).

Pics of the fajitas to follow, for those of you whom I haven’t forced them on yet.




Procrastination Monday

The Monday after Spring Break (Ahem, Canadians call it “Reading Week”, whatever that is.  Who actually gets any work done over break?), I am finally finished with a big, bad, stress-inducing presentation, and unfortunately, not inclined to get any work done.  This does not bode necessarily well for big bad scary presentation #2 of the week, which will take place on Thursday.  I know I will get it together before then, but I wish I didn’t work so much better under pressure.  I would have many fewer sleepless nights if I could just convince myself to get myself together before the last minute!  I’m hoping a well-timed blog post can induce me into more strenuous school work.  We’ll see…

This weekend was hectic… it involved one of my least favorite modes of transport: the dreaded bus.  I’m not good in situations where I’m stuck in an inclosed space with many people I do not know.  Coupled with intense motion sickness and a fear of throwing up in public, the bus is not always fun.  Somehow, however, in the time it took to go grab my wallet after I pulled up the Amtrak site, all of the seats were sold out, and I had no other way to get myself back to school than the B-word.  Overall, it wasn’t awful.  The Albany bus station is as sketchy as ever, and they could use a bunch more power outlets. (Yes, I know buses know frequently have power and wifi on the bus, but I couldn’t really think of a way to reach over my sleeping seatmate to plug my phone in without being excessively creepy.)  The schlepp back to my apartment from the bus station with 30lbs of luggage was draining, and when I got back I revisited the lesson that it’s generally helpful to handle all dirty dishes and questionable refrigerator smells before one leaves town for an extended period of time.  My homecoming could have been a lot worse, but I did spend a good half hour scrubbing dishes and tossing moldy substances out of my refrigerator.  Yuck!

Making Saturday night dinner I had another life lesson – when using regular ground beef instead of extra lean, it’s probably a good idea to drain the meatballs before adding the sauce unless you want a thin layer of grease on top.  Sunday I slept much later than I wanted to (**GRRR daylight savings**.  One year I may revolt and refuse to turn my clocks ahead), did much studying and preparation for scary public-speaking phobia-inducing presentation, and schlepped to the faraway bagel place.  How or why the two bagel places in town are centrally located only in their proximity to each other, and are otherwise a good 45 minute hike uphill from downtown, I do not think I will ever understand.

Today, glad to be free from some academic pressure for now, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a run.  I started out towards the gym, but it was so nice out, I thought I’d try and work on my tan, Jersey native that I am.  I will never use a tanning salon, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to maximize my outdoor exposure.  Being in the sun just makes me so happy!  I don’t know… is it possible to get tan in Canada at all, or is it too far north?  What do you people think?

Tonight is going to entail *le sigh* more schoolwork, and I think I’ll be defrosting a failed attempt at a Crock Pot dinner with organic pork.  I’m hoping I can salvage it into something more edible than it was when I gave up and threw it in the freezer.

Happy Monday, y’all!  I hope your weeks are off to a productive and happy start.  The longer hours in the evening may be messing with my sleep schedule, but it does mean spring is just around the corner.  Beach time can’t be that far off!!