March 16th etc

Schoolwork just isn’t happening on this very lazy Saturday, and I figured the least I could do was write a blog post. This week flew by: it started out deliciously warm, almost 40 degrees, and sunny, but since then, the snow has returned, laughing at anyone who had hoped Spring might actually be around the corner. I’m just not-so-patiently waiting for beach weather, and being brown again (I refuse to use a tanning bed. Ewww.)

Wednesday night (I think it was Wednesday at least), I threw together surprisingly good fajitas, using fondue meat, lots of peppers, chili powder, cumin, and some garlic and onion. And cilantro… yummy! I added some cheddar cheese at the end and used whole wheat tortillas – they were delicious!

Last night I tried out a new (for me) sushi restaurant; Bistro Isakaya. We ordered way too much sushi, and I learned that I do not like sake. I know it’s supposed to be rice wine, but you cannot convince me that it doesn’t taste (and smell) like warm vodka. Tempura rolls abounded, and there was enough for brunch this morning. The waitress, in fact, had to come back and let us know that 23 pieces of sushi a person was not normal, and we should probably consider ordering less. I’m very glad she did, we still had almost a full portion left. Sushi for breakfast was surprisingly good. I knew if it didn’t get eaten the next day it just was not going to get eaten at all. I don’t think I’d let sushi hang around for the normal week or so that I allow uneaten foodstuffs to take up residence in my fridge.

Tonight? The delicious fall-back Weinstein & Gavino’s, or perhaps the sketchy looking Greek place around the corner. Northing much got done in the way of homework today, and something close to maximize time could be a good thing. Later on is a birthday party for a department-mate if I make it that far. It sounds like fun! Aside from eating too much of all the wrong food groups, I had a very productive week, getting done two presentations and a bit of reading. Hopefully this next week will be as productive. I found a delightful new blog to follow… I laughed out loud reading it. Maybe I’m just a spaz, but I found it to be totally relate-able. Just last night I found myself facebook stalking from another profile, and today, convinced myself that the apartment I was looking at on craiglist must have been listed by a psychotic middle-aged man with intentions to find and capture me, and not the normal sounding girls the posting listed. Then again, for the month or so that my curtains fell down last semester, I sat in the dark for extended periods of time because I was convinced the guy in my apartment across the street liked to stare at me. I only realized he was a smoker, and kept leaning out his window to light up after I had flipped him off. Ooops and sorry! Anyway, check out this blog, I really liked it:

I hope y’all are having a safe and happy weekend, especially those of you celebrating St. Patrick’s day. I’m off to dinner, where we will hopefully have more absurd and enlightening conversations with our favorite waiter @ W&G, Eric. (But really, he’s the best).

Pics of the fajitas to follow, for those of you whom I haven’t forced them on yet.





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