Snowday!! (I wish…)

Montreal is once again blanketed in snow. I can handle the frigid temps if we at least get some good ol’ white snow. I just heard on the news that we have 20 cm of snow, whatever that means. I’ve finally figured out an approximate conversion in my head for temperature, but length, not so much. Do we have 8 inches? 10? 12? Either way, I still have class today. That’s too bad, since it’s the perfect day to snuggle up with a hot cup of coffee and catch up on work (or tv shows). At least I still have a few hours before I have to bundle up and schlepp outside though.

Last night I made some yummy chili too, which is perfect for the cold weather, and took some homemade bread out of the freezer. The chili didn’t come together like I wanted, and wasn’t quite spicy enough (which I’m blaming on the extra veggies I added and all the moisture in them), but the bread was yummy in my tummy. Looks like it’s going to be leftover Tuesday, and I’m definitely okay with that. Any ideas for the dying Romaine lettuce in my fridge? I picked it up sometime last week thinking, of course I’ll eat lettuce, and each day it gets sadder and sadder looking in my fridge. Maybe my pigeon friends will like it? I’m not ready to make it compost fodder, yet.

Of course I had to download the new Justin Timberlake album today. It’s going to get me through all the studying I should be doing, or at least make it more fun. The question is, to coffee shop or not?

Hoping everyone is enjoying the snow/staying safe and warm!! I’ll be putting up the chili pictures shortly. Also, send any yummy vegetarian recipes my way. I can test them out and review them on here, let y’all know what I think. I’ve been looking for a way to get beyond my chili/mac and cheese staples.  Also I’m throwing up a picture of my brand new basil plant as well.  Anyone know how to keep it fresh?  I’m a bit of an accidental basil killer.




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