Weekend Recap 9.9.13

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? I spent mine celebrating Rosh Hashannah with friends, exploring Montreal, eating too much brownie batter, and as some of you already know, fighting with an Ikea rolling butcher block. That story starts with schlepping almost six miles to and fro Home Depot, where everyone only spoke French and generally ignored me because I am not a man. Eventually, power screwdriver on my side, I got the thing together. I still have serious issues with the way it was designed and might be taking a break from Ikea for the near future, for the sake of my sanity. I am happy with how it came together, and I’m finding that each day I’m able to organize and personalize my new apartment a little bit more.

Sunday was very relaxing, and culminated in transforming the rotisserie chicken that was taking up residence in my fridge into something more appealing… chicken pot pie with a cornbread crust. Normally I’m partial to a double-crust pot pie, but I didn’t want to spend the whole day cooking, and the cornbread topping seemed so simple and easy! The slight hitch to the recipe was that my local grocery store did not, in fact carry corn meal, so I substituted more flour and whole corn kernels. This is the recipe I used: http://cristinaferrarecooks.com/2012/04/chicken-pot-pie-with-cornmeal-crust/ although I was quite lenient with the proportions. Instead of ramekins or a casserole, I used a 9 inch pie plate. I cut enough chicken until I thought I had enough… probably closer to three cups than two. I omitted the peas because, well, they go squish, and added some fresh corn because I had some on hand and I love corn. Instead of chopping whole carrots, I used baby carrots, which seemed to work just fine. It came out deliciously! I will definitely make this recipe again.

Even though I’m in love with my apartment (seriously, if I could marry my bed I might), I’m always looking for crafty ways to decorate and make the space my own. What have you done to personalize your space? What have you always wanted to try but been too afraid to? Let me know and maybe I will try some of your ideas out. In the meantime, I will keep you posted on my crafting adventures.








Burger Week in Montreal

Montreal has welcomed me back with open arms… also known as Burger Week. After a long summer away, the time has come to return to eating in Montreal and writing about it.

Thanks to the wonders of DVR, I was able to record the US Open and leave my apartment long enough to check out the BurgerBar on Rue Crescent (http://www.montrealburger.com/) for dinner with a friend. I’ve never been so happy that she is usually more informed about the local goings-on than I am than tonight when she clued me in to the mac and cheese burger!!! (I’m using three exclamation points for a reason!)

I think it was called the rock and roll burger… a nicely toasted bun, sauteed onions, bacon, a beef burger, cheese sauce, and a patty of deep fried mac and cheese. It was cooked to order, and nice and juicy.

Aside from the hostess who didn’t want to seat us because she said they were full (We were a party of two and it was at least 8:15), the service was very nice and friendly. Our waitress kept coming back to check on us, and was especially pleasant considering how busy they were. I wish they would add this to their regular menu, although I should probably be thankful I can’t overindulge every day. As it is, I can’t wait to eat the leftovers in my fridge.

Definitely check it out if you have a chance!