Starbucks, Leftovers, and It’s Getting Chilly Out!

I must have managed to block out just how chilly Montreal gets so quickly! I had intended to get up early and go for a run, but it is 34 degrees F right now, and I think I will stay snuggled up in my apartment with a nice cup of coffee just a little bit longer.

It’s been a good week, which has absolutely flown by. The days are slowly but surely getting shorter, it is not so slowly getting colder, and the semester is flying by! This was a busier week for me in terms of school, and most nights I did cook up some reheated form of all of the farmer’s market veggies that I still seemed to have.

Yesterday, I found a new favorite at my local Starbucks. I don’t go to Starbucks that often when I’m home in NJ, but somehow whenever I’m out of the country I crave it. I don’t know if it just feels a little more like home or what, but at some point during the semester, Starbucks becomes the place to be. Yesterday I stopped by before class and discovered what is bound to be a new favorite – the Early Grey Tea Latte. I wasn’t feeling like coffee, and I don’t love a Chai latte as much as I should. I love black tea, and if you do too, you might love the Earl Grey Latte. For me, it was just sweet enough but didn’t taste as artificial as a Chai latte can, and there was the right amount of milky foam on top.

Last night, after I realized that the heat in my building was on, I just needed to turn up the thermostat, I headed up some rice with veggies and pork that I’d made the night before. I love my microwave as much as you do, and it is useful for reheating food quickly, or melting butter for recipes, but it just doesn’t add any flavor to the food. I added some olive oil to my nonstick pan, let it heat up, and added the meat and rice with veggies. I cut some rosemary from my rosemary tree (partly because I love rosemary, and partly because I think the plant is dying and I want to use it before it does), and put the rosemary on top. I did my best not to overcook anything, and it came out delicious. Leftovers don’t have to be boring; they can be fun if you change things up just a little bit. Just by adding rosemary and not using my microwave to reheat, I had a yummy meal, and didn’t have to feel guilty about throwing out any food or getting take-out.

What do you think? What are your favorite ways to make leftovers interesting?

Also, I’m putting up a picture of my rosemary plant… if anyone has any ideas as to what might be wrong or how to fix it, please feel free to tell me!!

Happy Friday everyone!




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