A Small Miracle

All life is precious, right? When I left Montreal to go home for the summer, I couldn’t fit all of my plants in the car and I had a bunch of compost that wasn’t quite ready and I also didn’t want to bring home. Traveling with dirt is one thing but traveling with pre-dirt is quite another…

I left my two small geraniums in a large pot with a good amount of compost spread on top on my balcony in the hopes that the flowers would get enough water over the summer and not die on me.

When I came back to school in August, not only were my flowers alive, but the pot also had growing in it two large tomato plants and two pepper plants! They have been slow-growing since I moved the pot inside for the winter, but all are still alive. I noticed flowers on my tomato plant sometime in September, and last night harvested the first tomato. From a plant I didn’t know I planted. I guess my compost pile didn’t heat up enough to kill the tomato (or pepper) seeds in it, and for that I am grateful! My little tomato was my first small miracle! Happy Friday everyone!




3 thoughts on “A Small Miracle

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