After the Food Coma – Reflections on Thanksgiving 2013

Over Thanksgiving break one of my friends shared a story with me about one of his friends from New Jersey who got really exited once and butted into a heated conversation with the dreaded phrase, “Youz guys!”  Because we don’t actually talk like that, except when we do.  It doesn’t get much more Jersey than that. I can vouch that this friend was not me. I only got slightly Jersey about 1 am my first night home, when, exhausted after traveling all day, I tried to tell my dad a story about the free coffee coupon I picked up on the way to the train, and much to my surprise, instead of the much more widely accepted coffee, the word “cawfee” came out of my mouth. Nevertheless, I think “youz guys” is a great way to start this post because, well, youz guys, I’ve missed blogging!! I took a nice break when I went home for Thanksgiving, and it feels so good to sit down and write again!!

I don’t have many food stories to share since most of what we ate at Thanksgiving dinner were family recipes that I’m going to keep in my family. I can assure you that everything was delicious, and this year did have one delicious addition… Cranberry Margaritas. I think they’re my new favorite. I loved drinking them almost as much as I loved spending time mixing them up with my cousin! I got the recipe in this year’s November issue of Bon Apetit magazine and also found it on their website here:

I left out the Chinese five-spice powder, and I’m curious how that would alter the taste, but the ritas seemed perfectly fine without them. Thanksgiving Eve as I was mixing up my cranberry jelly, I realized the recipe would make 4 servings. Of course I quadrupled it, just to make sure we could have more drinks than pounds of turkey. There was a lot left over, but my family is also into wine, so I would still recommend making more than one batch, especially if your group is just drinking these. We mixed up the drinks one or two at a time in a shaker, but I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be just as easy to make a big pitcher beforehand and pour as needed.

I’m have pictures of the steps along the way but I’m missing the finished drink because I was too busy enjoying it 🙂 You’ll have to check out the Bon Apetit website for that, but I promise it was yummy and looked just as pretty and delicious!

Our Thanksgiving was small this year but I am still thankful for family and friends! It was just so good to be home and catch up and relax!! We also played a few rounds of family Taboo between dinner and dessert, which I loved. I learned some new words, notably, “fart sack,” which apparently all guys know means sleeping bag, and I learned to think of a being slapped as, “a high five – in your face.”

I’m surprising myself with how happy I am to be back in Montreal. It snowed while I was gone and everything is pretty and white! I can’t believe that in less than a month this semester will be done, and then I’ll only have one more to go! Last night I snuggled up in my apartment and let myself have a chick flick marathon, culminating in Love Actually. I lose it at the end, every time, when Jamie goes to Portugal and Sam runs through the airport to get Joanna. I still have to get a mini tree for my apartment, but watching that movie is always the perfect way for me to ring in the Christmas season!

I hope my American friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving as well, and that the rest of you still got some time to relax, or have time to with the coming holidays! Let me know if you relax with a cranberry margarita!!  Also, you can now follow my blog on Twitter @thegirlfromnj  Just a bit of shameless promotion before I sign off.  Cheers!







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