Grey Winter Days

The past few days have been warm enough that it’s hard to believe there’s still two months until spring, but the dark sky confirms that it is, indeed, still winter. It hasn’t been fully raining, or snowing, but rather, something in between. Yesterday it seemed as though the temperature was just warm enough for all of the ice to melt into a solid sheet, making walking anywhere quite treacherous, but today it finally seems as though most of the sidewalk ice has melted away, leaving deep puddles in every gutter. The worst part is knowing that in a few days’ time the Arctic temperatures will return, and all the standing water will turn back into ice. I have contemplated wearing my ice skates instead of snow boots around town.

It has been a fun weekend, meeting up for coffee with friends and going out to dinner. Eduardo’s has become a favorite of mine. The people there last night were a little loud, to say the least, but the food was delicious! I let myself have their pasta Eduardo in an Alfredo sauce – do it! It’s so good and worth the cream intake. It’s been so long since I’ve had Alfredo and it was so yummy! I’m looking forward to the leftovers in my fridge 🙂 Their pasta Eduardo is a mix of fettuccine, cheese tortellini, and penne. Not what you would expect but there’s something new in every bite. I like it. (You also can get one type of pasta by itself, I just like their house blend).

I also finally made it to Reservoir! The waiters were a little sassy, but the atmosphere was fun and I loved my drink! I think it was vodka and apple juice, but that seems too simple to be true. I’ll have to figure out how to recreate it at home and let you guys know how it goes!!

I took this picture on Parc last night… the fog was insane and more than a little bit creepy to walk through.

How was your weekend? Any weird weather? Any yummy food and/or drinks?



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