The Metric System is so not my friend.

You guys, I got tricked by the Metric System again.

I know, I know. I’ve been here in sunny Canada for almost two years. I should have a handle on this metric system thing.

Probably. Especially since Americans are the only ones who don’t use the metric system. I should be more in tune with the rest of the world or something. But here’s the thing. While I have a vague idea of what Celsius works out to in Fahrenheit, and thanks to countless 5k runs I know about how long a kilometer is, the kilogram is used a lot less in my world, and ever so much more confusing. Intellectually, I know it’s about 2 pounds plus some (actually, I thought it was 2.4 lbs, until I just googled the conversion to fact check myself and found out it’s 2.2. Shows you how much I know!). Usually it works out okay, even though the grocery store weighs produce and meat by the kilo but sells it by the pound (I can buy .304 kilo of ground meat for $3.99 a lb). How does that even make sense? Pick a unit of measurement, any unit of measurement, but please be consistent. It’s virtually impossible to check the prices of what you buy at checkout, too, because even though the signs around the store advertise in price per pound, they ring up at price per kilo.

I wasn’t overcharged tonight. That’s not today’s metric system problem. Tonight I made salmon and risotto for dinner. Delicious, healthy, basically all you could want in a meal. When I picked out my salmon, the smallest piece they had didn’t look as perfect as the next biggest piece. So I went for the next biggest piece. I checked the weight: .360 kilograms. Here’s the problem; in my head that was about half a pound, a large but manageable portion. You’re probably shaking your head right now.

Eating dinner, I thought the salmon looked awfully large. Larger than I remembered it. But I finished my plate, because I didn’t want to waste, and because salmon is not a food that gets better with age in the fridge. And then I googled it. I couldn’t understand how I was so full from half a pound of food. And there it is. My aha moment. I ate over 3/4 of a pound of salmon at once. Confirmation that after a good year and a half, almost two years in a foreign city, I still don’t fully grasp the metric system. I’m beginning to think that perhaps I never will. It’s probably going to remain unused in the back of my mind, next to 24 hour time, aka military time. That can be the topic for another post, though.

So here I sit, completely stuffed. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much salmon at once. Plus the risotto! But I will make myself a nice mug of hot milk before I go to bed, and maybe, just maybe, I will find room for the last piece of cheesecake I have sitting in my fridge.

What do you all think? Are you metric system fans? Do you have any conversion tips?  God knows I need them!



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