February is Here!

You guys, it’s Poutine Week in Montreal. Which probably explains why even my leggings are feeling a little tight right now. I’ve given myself space from the gym for the past few weeks, trying to kick my running addiction and give my wonky knee time to heal. Which is a good thing by itself, but troublesome when combined with #poutineweekmtl and a two pound bag of cheese curds brought by my family straight from Wisconsin. Because there is nothing better than Wisconsin dairy. Sour cream, cheese curds, ice cream, I will single-highhandedly eat it all! Maybe I’ll go to the morning spin class tomorrow? Because if I say so and put it out there, it’s harder to back out. I thought I’d get random thoughts out in a blog to get my mind thinking again. Sometimes getting blogging done makes it easier to get schoolwork done.

In the meantime, this week has gotten off to a decent start. Saturday night, which somehow seems like part of this week, I saw the worst movie ever with a friend. I thought it was one of those smart people movies that just I didn’t get, but even she didn’t like it, so I don’t feel guilty talking about how bad it was. Have you seen The Great Beauty? It’s an Italian movie that we watched with subtitles (technically La Grande Belleza) that basically followed around some narcissistic famous Italian writer in his 60s. Nudity was supposed to be art, but this guy was a total jerk to the women in his life and seemed to have all the secrets to Rome. It was weird. As in, here’s a nun climbing up to a statue and now this guy is thinking of the first time he had sex – oh wait, there’s a giraffe, kind of weird. I couldn’t make it up. So, if you’re looking to be completely confused, and spend a good part of the movie hoping that the characters all die in some catastrophic accident just so it’s over, go see this movie. Otherwise, find a different flick to watch.

Worse than that, my hopes that Colin Firth would knock on my door and ask me to run away with him a la Bridget Jones were (mostly) dashed when I saw the preview to the movie he’s in with Nicole Kidman – The Railway Man. Colin’s looking old, and while part of me hopes it’s just good makeup that makes him look so old, I don’t know if I can be that optimistic. Because of course, his age would be the reason Colin Firth and I don’t get together. The movie he’s in does look good though. And the night was not at all bad. Montreal was blessed with a snowstorm, and since we all know it has to warm up to snow (it sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true), it was a great night to get hot chocolate and walk around downtown talking and solving world problems.  Before the movie I made cheesecurd nachos… here’s the picture to prove it!  Yummy ooey gooey goodness!


Sunday I was a hermit and only ventured out to go to the dollar store (Dollarama, actually) to buy stakes for my tomato plant that keeps on growing.  I successfully avoided the Super Bowl and had my own little Roseanne marathon while trying to recreate my Thanksgiving Cranberry Margarita recipe.  Except I didn’t have tequila, only vodka.  And then I added applesauce.  What was I thinking?  It was gross.  Tasted like chunky vodka.  I still took a picture so you all can learn from my mistake.


I did, however, redeem myself with a homemade ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies from my aunt and Haagen Dazs “Cookie Dough Dynamo” ice cream.  I had to buy it, just because the name was so epic.  And so was the sandwich I made.


Yesterday I met up with a friend for donut poutine at Chez Boris. Donut fries covered in duck fat and cheese curds. It was good, but in my opinion, not worth having again. I’m a simple girl, and I would be happy with A) donuts, or B) poutine. The A + B combination kind of freaked out my taste buds a little. It’s definitely worth trying, I just wouldn’t eat it by the gallon.  The company was good though, and it was nice to commiserate finishing up school.


Last night I made pasta and threw in some chicken that was hanging out in my fridge.  Fire-roasted tomatoes with garlic and onions and some parmigiano on top?  Yummy!




I’m still waiting to see what today brings. It’s 19°F out, so not ungodly cold. Still, after slipping on black ice for the billionth time today, I can’t help but hope to figure out a spring break where the weather is a little warmer and my hair gets a little lighter while my skin gets a little darker. Is that so wrong? It’s time for me to read about the history of Peru and the Incas. I’ve been putting it off long enough.

How are you guys? Are you patiently waiting for spring or hoping to run far far away to some place tropical? Any poutine week suggestions? Happy Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “February is Here!

  1. Ha! We just got back from Canada, and stopped for poutine in Montreal.
    I was surprised to find I’d been eating it (minus the cheese curds) for years.

    Donut fries though? That’s a little weird…


    • Sorry you missed out on poutine week! The donut poutine wasn’t overly sweet, but yeah, it was a little too rich for me.

      You can get “poutine” without cheese curds at any NJ diner – just ask for disco fries. A late night favorite!!


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