You Guys, I Might Have a Problem…

You guys, I think I have a problem.  I might be a hoarder.  Not the brick and mortar kind (although I do have some overly-sentimental tendencies when it comes to my stuff, along with more than a few t-shirts from elementary school – they do fit, but maybe I shouldn’t still be wearing them), but when it comes to my computer.

Lately, my computer has been getting slower, I’ve had to restart it more often, and the number of the available GBs on my hard drive are getting alarmingly close to zero.  A wise person advised me to download a memory cleaner from the App Store.  Ok, cool, I got this I think.  But then, of course my operating system is too old to download the memory cleaner.  I go to upgrade my OS, and of course I don’t have enough gigs to download it, which is why I need the memory cleaner in the first place – to clean up more gigs.  Isn’t that funny?

So I’m trudging through files the old fashioned way, trying to get enough onto my external hard drive so that I can upgrade my OS, clean up the memory, and get back to school work.  In the meantime, I’m finding some very odd choices of music in iTunes, that I didn’t know I had.  Red Hot Chili Peppers?  Apparently I have all of their albums, and I swear I’ve only ever heard 3 songs of theirs.  Same goes for Green Day and Jay-Z.  And I literally cannot stand Jay-Z.  I don’t even know where all of this music came from.  All arrows point to virtual hoarding.  So maybe this is a good exercise in cleaning out and letting go.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Does this happen to you?  Is your computer full of stuff you didn’t even know you had?


3 thoughts on “You Guys, I Might Have a Problem…

  1. Since I discovered Pinterest and found a place to store my hoard, I’m such a happy camper! It’s all kept on a cloud, so it doesn’t take up space on my hard drive!

    But, when it comes to music, I have a ton that I wasn’t aware I had, and some of it scares me!


    • Pinterest is so much fun!!!

      I’m learning the beauty of cloud… a lot of things from the iTunes store are safely off my hard drive now. It really is a strange feeling finding forgotten music; my external hard drive has been really helpful in letting me dump stuff off my laptop but still keep it.


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