Spring Has Sprung in my Apartment: Urban Farming Update

Spring is allegedly coming in two days, although you’d never know it by stepping outside.  Rain and snow is supposed to come to Montreal later tonight, but hasn’t yet, and the city is covered by low-hanging grey clouds.  The streets are mostly clear, but there are still patches of deathly slippery ice that has melted and re-frozen.  Garbage and dog poop that was hidden by the pretty snow for so long is now scattered about.  Watch where you step.  But it’s all good.  This weather can’t last forever.  Spring must come, and in the words of George Michael, you gotta have faith.

I’m eating out tonight at Lola Rosa – a veggie/vegan/Mexican/TexMex/MontrealMexican place, so I don’t have any new recipes to share.  I do, however, have pictures of the plants I’ve been growing.  A while ago I wrote about the tomatoes I was getting from my miracle plant, which you can read here if you haven’t yet.  The rosemary in the picture has since been moved out to the balcony.  I think I over-watered it.  The tomato plant, however, continues to grow.  It hasn’t given me any new tomatoes yet, but there have been many flowers.  As it grows, it seems to die, but then a new sprout shoots up from the bottom.  It truly is incredible!

The pepper plants in the same pot seem to need a little extra love.  I’m hoping they can make it until it’s time to go back outside again.  The geraniums, however, have taken off!  They’re flowering again and seem very happy.  I’m happy that they’re around to brighten up my days in the heart of the city.

The carrot tops I was growing last semester have shriveled up, but my new project is leeks.  I should have left more root than I did when I tried to replant the root (say, 4 inches instead of 1), but I did manage to replant 3 leeks after I used most of them for cooking.  This was about a month ago.  One hasn’t done anything yet, and I should probably take it out of the pot before it gets moldy.  Another has grown a few inches but might be giving up, and the third has really taken off.  I think if I’d left more bottom for it to grow from I might have a proper leek growing.  As it is, I have two stalks shooting up that kind of look like scallions, but almost a foot tall.

Does anyone know how regrowing leeks work?  Are they going to fatten up at some point?  Either way, they’re pretty to look at.

The day before yesterday I started a wine glass, and you can already see the inside starting to grow a smidgen.  I don’t know if I’ll produce any usable produce, but I’m really enjoying watching life grow in my apartment.  I have another happy plant – I received beautiful flowers for my birthday a few weeks ago, accompanied by greens.  The flowers haven’t made it this far, but the greens are starting to regrow!!  I have them in the same vase of water where the flowers were, and I’m loving seeing the little green leaves fill in among the older, dark green ones.

So you see?  Spring must be coming.  I think it’s already come to my apartment, if that’s any indication.  Hopefully I can share some of my spring with you guys and help brighten up this dreary and gloomy day!  We’re already halfway to the weekend!!

20140319-151303.jpgMy leeks, onion in a wine glass, and awesome birthday greenery.  Also, a jar of sand from dts.  Asbury Park, actually.  Behind the leeks is my solar-activated plastic flower.  Which is flapping a bit more slowly today with the clouds.

20140319-151313.jpgAren’t the geraniums incredible??  I love looking at them!  You can see to the right of the middle geraniums where the new tomato shoot is coming up.  The rest of the tomato plant is long and stringy, but I’m hoping it will fill out.  The teabag on the cookiesheet is drying out so I can add the tea to the pot.  It’s too hard to compost in winter, because everything freezes, but I try and do what I can, like adding coffee grounds and tea leaves to the soil.

20140319-151320.jpgMy tomato plant is taller than I am.

20140319-151332.jpgOnion Day One.


4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung in my Apartment: Urban Farming Update

  1. I can’t wait for spring (12:57 pm EDT on Thursday – less then 24 hours!)!!!
    Looks like you have quite the garden growing. Hope it’s warm enough to put outside soon.


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