Lentils Reinvented

Happy Tuesday everyone!

It’s finally warmed up to the twenties here, and it’s super sunny out, which is absolutely glorious.  We’re set to miss the crazy Nor’Easter that’s supposed to hit the East Coast.  I’m not one of those people that complain about the weather – I’m a strong believer in if you hate the winter that much, you should move South and stop complaining to me about it.  I think each season is beautiful in it’s own way, and I’m happy to take what Mother Nature wants to send, but I’m also thrilled by the new-found sun, and if Montreal is supposed to warm up this weekend instead of get snowed in again, I’m okay with that too.

While it’s still a bit chilly out, it’s nice to spend time cooking and coming up with new recipes.  On Sunday I brought back lentils with salmon and roasted veggies, which was delicious.  Since I like to cook in big batches, I usually end up having leftovers that I need to reinvent.  Last night for dinner, I was able to take the leftover lentils and roasted veggies (the salmon was long gone), and serve it over pasta.  Today for lunch, I took the leftover lentils and veggies and pasta and served it with some yogurt on top, which gave it a creamier texture.  I don’t always make it all the way through the leftovers before it’s time to toss them, but by reinventing the recipes even bit by bit, it helps to mix things up and make them more appetizing.  Do you cook in big batches or individual portions?





2 thoughts on “Lentils Reinvented

  1. Looks delicious!
    I usually do all my cooking Sunday night – 3 to 5 meals, 4 portions each, for my wife and I for dinner and lunch.
    The dirty dishes usually last all week too!


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