Eggs in a Hat/Hole/Basket

Hey you guys!  This week, I keep writing blog posts but not finishing them, and not posting them, so I wanted to get this one out before it gets stuck.  It will be short, and later I can write all about the fabulous dinner I made last night, when I have more work done for school.

Breakfast today was Eggs in a Hat/Hole/Basket/whatever you’ve grown up calling it, in afghan bread.  It comes in sheets that are maybe 2 feet long by 10 inches wide.  Delicious.  I made it to Marche Lobo for the first time in a while yesterday, and I’d forgotten how delightfully ethnic it is.  It reminded me of one of my favorite places to shop at home, but on a much smaller scale.  It also makes me think of the only bar in Lanford in Roseanne, the Lobo Lounge.  And every time I think of that, even writing this, it makes me giggle.  Of course, this Lobo, smushed between a Spanish Paella place and what honestly looks to be, from the outside at least, a crap store in the McGill Ghetto has much less room than my market back in Jersey.  There’s no whole pigs for sale, no butcher, and everything is on a much smaller scale.  Delightfully charming anyway 🙂

I picked up some tahini, which I was considering writing about for New Food Friday.  What do you think?  Should I try a new food every week and write about it?  (It was delicious, by the way.)  I also grabbed some organic salsa, and the afghan bread.  Yummmmmy!  I forgot the organic chocolate bars, and was going to pick some up after spin, but I forgot.  It was also a balmy 37 degrees and raining by then, and I was wearing shorts, so I was anxious to get back home.

Last night I had some tahini and bread together, but this morning I used the bread to make my eggs in a hat.  I used the free range eggs that I had gotten last week at Jean Talon, and it was delicious.  It’s super easy to make, too.  Just use an upside down glass to make a hole in your bread, melt some butter in your pan, and fry your eggs in the hole.  Everything gets nice and buttery, especially the “hats”.  If you’re feeling really indulgent, some melted cheese on top is a great way to punch this recipe up.  I prefer a nice cheddar, but today I skipped it.

How’s your weekend going?  Any great brunches by you?  Here are pictures of my breakfast/brunch.  Hasta luego!






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