Liebster #2

Hey you guys!  How’s your week going?  No recipes in this post, I just have to report some exciting news.  Last week I got to start my week off with a very nice surprise, because Jhuls over at thenotsocreativecook nominated me for a Liebster award.  Thanks, Jhuls!  Those of you that have been following me for a while know that this is my second Liebster nomination (the first was from the Mountain Kitchen).

Here are the questions that Jhuls sent out with the Liebsters, along with my answers.

  1. What is your favourite dessert and why?  Hmm.  That’s a hard one, since I love all things dessert, and a lot of it is seasonal.  There’s pies, Christmas cookies, and diner cookies, but the all time favorite is chocolate cheesecake from my favorite diner.
  2. What is one weird fact about you?  Just one?  Okay.  I get road rage even if I’m not driving.  To the point that I could be crossing the street and still yell at cars for cutting me off and/or being stupid.
  3. What are your top three favourite books?  Another toughie.  I’m a book girl.  Books are always better than the movie, hands down.  Let’s see…  Anna Karenina, Up a Road Slowly, and All Creatures Great and Small.
  4. If you had the ability to invent a new kitchen tool that would suit your needs, what would it be?  I’m pretty happy with the kitchen tools I have.  I would love to invent something that ends up being an As Seen on TV sell-out and make loads of money, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
  5. What is your favourite music artist and genre?  It depends on my mood.  I don’t like everything, but what I do like I’m very loyal to and could sing you back word for word.  Like anything Bruce or Bon Jovi or Cher.  Especially Cher.  I’ve been Cher for Halloween almost every year since 4th Grade.  This year I went as the Morton Salt Girl, because it’s Canada and Halloween is too cold to wear so little clothing, but it turns out they don’t have Morton Salt in Canada, or at least Montreal, and no one knew who I was.  They kept asking me why I was wearing rain boots.
  6. Why did you start your blog?   Sometime first semester last year.  So I guess, Autumn 2012?  I love cooking, and writing, and I thought this would be a good way to combine the two.  The fact that a few people seem to be actually reading it is just a bonus 🙂
  7. What’s the last movie that made you cry?  Oy.  Every movie makes me cry.  Commercials make me cry.  Already this morning I was in tears watching a human interest story on Rachel Ray (brand new puppy saved his fam from a gas leak in the middle of the night), and when I forgot to switch before the Chicago news came on.  And I don’t even live in Chicago, but I was crying.  Back to movies… probably Love Actually.  Every time I watch it.  Bawl my eyes out.  Actually, Notting Hill was on the other night, and I cried.  I laughed, cried, and snorted.  I love Julia Roberts but her character in that movie is so mean to Hugh.  But still, I love the movie as a whole.  And Hugh Grant’s roommate.  See it if you live under a rock and you haven’t.
  8. Chocolate Chip Cookies or Brownies?  Brownies, because they’re easier to throw together.  Cookies involve softening butter and shaping cookies, brownies you melt the butter and dump the batter in a pan.  I have it down to a science where I can have brownies in 20 minutes flat.
  9. Do you collect anything?  Is crap an acceptable answer?  I’m trying really hard not to be a hoarder, but I’m sentimental about everything.  Plus books happen, all the time for me.  I’m running out of room in my bookcases, and I’m running out of room for bookcases.  Moving a block away from an awesome used bookstore has not helped.
  10. What is your favorite color?  To receive?  Those Tiffany blue boxes are definitely a girl’s best friend 🙂  Otherwise my stock answer is purple, although pink is growing on me.

These are a few of the blogs I’ve been reading lately.  I’m nominating them for Liebsters 🙂  Thanks for writing stuff that I love to read!!

The Sundog Drift

Emotional Chaos Builds Character???


Fromage Homage


Reasons to be Single


Le Petit Canard Farm

A Fat Man’s Journey



Keep up the good work, you guys!!

Here are my questions for you guys.  Sorry if they’re a little lame, I’m not feeling so creative today.

  1. Coffee or Tea?
  2. If you could play the guitar or the ukelele, which one would you learn to play?
  3. George Michael or Boy George?
  4. What’s your favorite meal?
  5. What’s your favorite holiday and why?
  6. Would you rather go for a run in the snow or in the rain?
  7. What’s your favorite time of day?
  8. Name someone in your life you’re thankful for and why (you don’t actually have to give their name, but like, my sister, or my best friend, etc.)
  9. What was your favorite age and why (Like, 20 was a good year because…)
  10. Freebie.  You get to say whatever you want for this one.

And here are the Liebster Rules for this time around:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you were given.
  3. Nominate other blogs with fewer than 500 followers.
  4. Post questions for your selected nominees to answer.
  5. Tag and link the nominees and post a comment to let them know you have nominated and appreciate their hard work.

Have a good day everyone 🙂

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