More Corn, and a Weekend Update

Hey you guys!  How was your weekend?  A lot has been going on over here lately.  I’m still in the process of moving out of my apartment, and weighing the pros and cons of moving my furniture home.  As in, I love it all, but it’s also all IKEA furniture, so is it worth the schlepp?  Anyone in Montreal need a bed/futon/dresser/etc?  Let’s talk please. {Seriously, it’s all in really good condition…}  I also have a bunch of Montreal foodie pictures that I have to share with you guys in another post before I leave the city for the foreseeable future, so stay tuned on the Montreal front!

Anyway, being back in NJ means more time for corn.  The second batch of corn went in Friday night.  These are from a different plant store, where they had blue corn and white corn.  The blue corn is a little bigger than the first batch of white corn was when it got planted, and the new batch of white corn is absolutely gigantic!  You know the saying, “knee high by the 4th of July?”  These guys are about a month early.  The nursery where I got them must have one serious greenhouse! {Sidenote, I just Googled that phrase, to make sure it’s actually a saying you might know, and not just something my family says, and found this neat article on Bon Apetit.  Yes, I just said neat.  And seeing how well the real farmed corn is doing, I’m getting some serious corn envy.  Maybe this will be the year it finally gets taller than me!}

I’m hoping both sets of new corn all settles in well with the first batch that was planted about ten days ago.  The first batch of corn is still smallish, but dark green and growing, whereas the new corn is huge, with some definitely yellow leaves.  Hopefully this morning’s constant downpour will help it out.  Planting the new corn also gave me an excuse to try an build up a mini-retaining wall.  I bordered the planting bed with rocks in a hopefully-not-futile effort to keep some of the good compost, nutrients, and water from all sliding downhill.  We’ll see how it goes.  Either way, the definition it gives the garden is quite pretty!

This weekend was great, with a trip down the shore for a double birthday party.  I was able to squeeze in a late night trip to the Boardwalk for Kohr’s ice cream, and the ocean has finally warmed up to above arctic temperatures.  The waves were calm and it was amazingly gorgeous.  I’m afraid the summer is going to fly by in an instant, so I’m really trying to make the most of it this year.

In the meantime, here are some corny corn pictures, plus a few weekend food/fun pictures thrown in.  Are any of you growing corn?  I’d love to hear about it!


New white corn on the left. Blue corn on the right.


Definitely already knee-high.


Nocturnal planting, again. Thank God for flood lights!


First big drink.


Water droplets hanging on.


Finally a shot in daylight. The blue are in the far back, and the big ones are the new white stalks. The smaller, greener ones, are the older white stalks.


Birthday cupcake tower. I didn’t bake any, just helped arrange them on the cupcake tower. Four kinds – vanilla cake w/ vanilla frosting, vanilla cake w/ chocolate frosting, chocolate cake w/ vanilla frosting, chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting! Had to try all four!


The view at the gorgeous shore!


New donut place opened up dts (down the shore), had to try it. Props and big thanks to the people who saved me a donut even though I arrived hours after breakfast 🙂 PS it was delicious!


Half vanilla-half chocolate swirl with rainbow sprinkles. Nothing beats it. Somehow even sprinkles are better on the Boardwalk. Maybe it’s the salt air…


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