French Toast Waffles

In my house we go through a lot of bread.  Not so much sandwich bread, but rather the bread that’s fresh baked at the grocery store or at a local bakery and trucked in hot.  Never ever can I pass up a hot loaf of bread.  Most of the time, it gets eaten at dinner, but sometimes the bread doesn’t actually go well with what’s for dinner, and it gets passed over.  Which means there’s also a lot of French Toast.  And I like French Toast, but sometimes it can be a little blah.  Given the choice, I would probably go for pancakes any day over French Toast, but pancakes don’t use up old bread like French Toast does.  Thankfully, here is a recipe to solve the French Toast Blues; French Toast Waffles!  Having a different texture than regular French Toast makes such a difference!


As much bread as you want to turn into French Toast.  I find day-old bread works best.





Butter or oil, for the waffle iron.

With this recipe you’re going to have to judge how much liquid to bread you need.  If you find you don’t have enough, add more milk and or eggs, and if you have too much liquid, you can always add more bread, or cook the remainder like scrambled eggs.

Plug in your waffle iron so it can heat up.  Grease it as well.

Scramble your eggs and milk in a shallow dish.  I like to use a glass Pyrex-type baking dish.  The mixture should be thinner than actual scrambled eggs, but well combined.  Add a dash or two each of cinnamon and vanilla. 

Slice your bread if it’s not pre-sliced already. 

Dip each piece in the batter and flip over to cover the other side.

Transfer each battered piece of bread to the waffle iron and cook until done.  My waffle iron has a light that goes off when it’s finished cooking, but yours might be different.  It probably won’t take more than a few minutes for each waffle, although I wasn’t timing it.

When the waffles are done, they taste like French Toast, but they have the perfect nooks and crannies of waffles. 

To keep waffles warm after cooking, keep them on a cooling rack in a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven.  The cooling rack should keep them from getting soggy.

Feel free to slather your waffles generously with butter and maple syrup, top with powdered sugar, or eat plain.  Once you start eating them, they’re hard to put down!!







10 thoughts on “French Toast Waffles

  1. It took me a second to understand the title of the post, but when I saw the pictures towards the bottom it all kind of hit home and made sense. These are really creative and great for the person that doesn’t feel like all the trouble of whipping up a waffle batter!


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