Thank You!!

Hey you guys!

Yesterday something exciting happened… my blog accumulated 2000 all-time views!

I know this may not seem like a lot of views for some of you out there, but it has been so much fun writing and sharing pictures with all of you over the past year and a half, and seeing my audience slowly grow!  It’s so special seeing these little reminders that people really do what to see what I have to share, and so I wanted to thank you and share some more. 

I know I already announced the unveiling of my twitter handle @thegirlfromnj but I now also have an instagram for the blog.  You can follow me at sophisticatedjerseygirl.  I wanted more ways to be able to interact with you guys, and now I have them.  Are you on twitter and instagram?  How can I follow you? 

I don’t have any pictures that go with this post, so enjoy this picture of the beach, because even if it is rainy and cold out, it’s still summer.  (And if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, it will be summer for you again soon!  Hang in there!)

Thanks again, guys!  I’ll keep writing, and I so appreciate that you keep reading 🙂


looking North on the Jersey shore


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