Down the Shore and Back Again

In New Jersey, one never says they’re going to the beach.  It’s always “down the shore”.  Unless of course they live down the shore or are already at the shore, in which case they go to the beach.  The surest way to spot someone from out of state is to listen to them say where they’re going for the weekend.  Personally, I like to text the acronym “dts”.  It saves time and gets the point across.  While I would never use text speak as speech, I have no problem writing dts, or telling you all about the weekend that I spent dts.

This was a particularly good weekend dts.  I got an early start on Friday and had a great ride down the Parkway.  I timed it perfectly to a Springsteen concert on XM radio, which always keeps things more entertaining.  Every day this weekend, even if it rained a little, had some phenomenal weather. 

The water dts is notoriously icky looking.  I love my home state, but it’s no secret that we don’t have the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean… we usually maintain a murky bluish-greenish.  I’ve even heard people describe things as “the color of Jersey water” in a far from aspirational tone, but this weekend the water was nothing like that.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it so clear, and it was really nice to actually be able to see your feet in the water!

Most of the weekend was very relaxing.  The highlight was a Clambake for the local fire department on Saturday…I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I had three hot dogs.  And two ears of corn with the melted butter.  It was really good, and for a good cause, right?  I spared you guys pictures of the gluttony, but you can trust that it was good.

I really got in some great family time.  After years of bemoaning that I’ve never been out on it, I got to ocean kayak with my cousins.  It was awesome, even if my paddling skills are pretty remedial.  I need to practice, but I loved how close the seagulls will let you get in the ocean as compared to on the sand.  I also got out on a boogy board with some of my younger cousins.  It was hysterical!  It’s been a long time since I’ve boogy boarded and the waves weren’t quite there but it was some great bonding.

I also saw some dolphins, commuting North in the morning and South in the afternoon.  Anyone know where they live?  I can’t imaging them just chilling out in the open ocean.  I feel like they should sleep in calmer waters.  Clearly I know nothing about dolphins, aside from the one time I rode one in the Bahamas, and watching Flipper reruns on tv.

I took a few pictures of the beach every day and wanted to share.  I don’t think you can ever get enough sand, and the same stretch of beach looks so different depending on time of day and weather.

Back at home, my corn is turning yellow.  I’m kind of bumming.  I have a whole other garden post that I need to write, and I need your help figuring out what’s eating my leaves, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with a brown corn stalk picture to ponder for me.  So many garden mysteries!

How was your weekend?  Anything exciting or out of the ordinary?  I know it’s Wednesday and I’m behind on the “Weekend Update” post, but I’d still love to hear how you’re enjoying the summer!



So clear out! It doesn’t even look like New Jersey.


somebody’s awesome sunflowers


more gorgeousness


questionable clouds


time to leave the beach


A gorgeous empty beach all to myself in the morning.


If you look really close, you can see a dolphin. Really close. And it’s just the fin. But it’s there.


My favorite boat, the Norma K III. I have never seen the Norma K or Norma K II. Not sure they exist.


blimp making a turnaround


seagull friends


Clear ocean, clear sky.


donuts from the bakery dts


Lobster Mac and Cheese


Why is my corn turning yellow?


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