Something’s in my Garden/Pizza is a Girl’s Best Friend

Hi you guys!  How is Thursday going?  I thought I’d briefly sign on and post some pictures of my garden.  Hopefully someone can help me figure out what is eating my goodies.  So far, nothing has eaten my corn or the actual eggplant that is growing, but something or someone is nibbling off my squash and zucchini leaves, as well as parts of my eggplant plant.  Also, a few of my corn stalks and squash leaves are turning brown.  Any ideas?  I also got a close up of a cutie-pie grasshopper on my lettuce.  He (or she) seemed to be enjoying the sun.

Last night I had the house to myself and managed to get in a quick workout before picking up pizza from my favorite pizza place.  We never get it because their service can be hit-or-miss, but when I’m alone it is my go-to.  You have no idea how tasty this pizza is!  I got fried eggplant and roasted red peppers, and I was in heaven!  I honestly don’t know if it’s better hot and fresh or cold the next day.

This morning I took a much needed run through town and stopped to see the new tennis courts they put in.  I absolutely hate the colors, but they seem decent overall.  I threw in some agility on-court work to my workout to mix things up a bit.  I think I forgot how much I love being on a tennis court!  The run was was a good one, even though I wore my Vibram 5 Fingers.  I haven’t worn them all summer, and I’ve forgotten how they tear up the bottom of your feet when you’re breaking them in.  I didn’t want to wimp out just because I wore the wrong shoes though, so I still ran most of the way home.  Even with the banged-up feet, it felt good to get out and run!

Any ideas as to what’s in my garden?  Have you had any good take-out lately?  Was it better when you got it or the next day?


See how some of the stems end in nubs and the leaves in the middle are turning brown?


Why are my stalks turning brown?


Can you see the eggplant nubs too?


my Grasshopper buddy


too good




Isn’t the red-green too circusy? I think it looks like they got a deal on paint.


6 thoughts on “Something’s in my Garden/Pizza is a Girl’s Best Friend

  1. I’ve had the hardest time growing corn and squash. At first bugs were chewing on the plants so I sprayed them with neem oil and that seemed to help, but they are still turning brown. I’m starting to experiment with organic fertilizer and adding composted material to the soil. I’ll let you know if I find something that works.


  2. I managed to stop the pests from eating my plants by making my own spray. Chop one garlic clove, one hot chili pepper, put in a 1 litre jar add half an egg cup of olive oil then fill the jar with water. Leave for 24 hours. Drain the liquid and use it to spray the plants. You can re fill the jar with water and a little oil. Wear gloves and don’t get it in your eyes
    as it will sting. Discard after 2 weeks and start from scratch. Store in cool dark place away from kids
    All the best


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