1st Day in Santa Margalida

Today was my first day of teaching.  I think I survived.  I’m still a little shell-shocked from having to wake up before 6am.  The sun doesn’t rise until almost 8am here, so I was up before the sun.  It was rough.  I met my coworker, the other auxiliar de conversación, at the train station in Palma this morning, and we got a train headed towards our school, which is in Santa Margalida.  It’s very rural.  We had to change trains at one point, and missed our stop because the second train didn’t announce the stations.  Also it was dark out, so there was no way to read the station signs as we went by.  Luckily we were only one stop from the end of the line, and were able to get on and turn around to go back where we were supposed to be.

After waiting a while at the station, our director picked us up and brought us to the school, where we went over our schedules.  Which in fact, may change a bit due to cancelled classes and reorganization of teachers.  Everyone seemed pretty nice, which was great.  I helped out in a class of 16 and 17 year olds, and apparently contrary to my coworker’s experience with his class, they behaved quite well.  We had free time to walk around the countryside and it was really pretty!  I would love to live out there if it wasn’t quite so isolated!  The best part of our school is probably the café inside of it – you can’t beat café con leche for 95 euro cents!

I have yoga this afternoon and hopefully more apartment hunting – I still haven’t settled down into someplace permanent and it’s definitely stressing me out.  I keep telling myself I won’t be a hobo for long, but it’s not easy.  Hope your weeks are all off to a smooth start!








4 thoughts on “1st Day in Santa Margalida

  1. I’ve been in your shoes without a permanent place. It is very stressful. I hope you find somewhere to live soon. Just remember everything happens the way it supposed to and don’t give up on what you really want. Good luck!


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