Hump Day! Stories from Midway Through the Week.

I really miss my big American kitchen.  I just spent five minutes looking on Spanish craigslist and ebay for KitchenAid mixers, and I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I want to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins, but I don’t think we have muffin tins.  And all the basics that I would have to buy would be silly if I’m moving in a minute.  It’s really tempting though.  Or chocolate chip cookies.  Even better.  That may have to happen.  I found a recipe that doesn’t need a mixer… It’s my day off from work (one of them), and I’m waiting for my laundry to be done so I can hang it and get out of the house.  Apartment.  It’s really quite nice out and I’m impatient because I have no idea how long this wash cycle will take.

This morning I attempted to go for a run, but it became more of a walk.  Which was fine, really.  It gave me time to stop and take pictures along the way.  I also have pictures from Petra, a tiny town near my school that I got to visit on Monday.  I’m giving private lessons there, to two four-year-olds and two five-year-olds, at the same time.  Which is going to be interesting.  I have them for two hours at a time, and their attention span just might not be that long.  One of the boys started crying when I got there.  Then they started speaking in Catalan.  It’s hard enough to understand a four-year-old, or Catalan, but it’s pretty impossible to understand both.  But I pretty much assumed the first day would be difficult.  A getting to know you, if you will.  The town was very pretty though.

Last night I attempted to make a Spanish tortilla de patata.  It’s better than it looks, but I don’t think it’s anything you would want the recipe for.  I think I’m going to refine my tortilla skills with my Spanish roommate, and then I’ll share.  In the process, I got to buy Olive Oil at Corte Ingles, the department store here that has a grocery store in the basement.  It was really overwhelming.  I waited for somebody else to come buy olive oil so I could see what they bought.  I also found a Xuxu at my local bakery.  Anyone who has heard of my trip to Barcelona when I was living in Madrid knows about my love of the Xuxu.  It’s a fried croissant, filled with pastry cheese, and covered in sugar.  Amazing!  I haven’t been able to find any since then, until last night.  And I have to say, I was underwhelmed.  The inside was custard instead of cheese, and it wasn’t as flaky.  I’ll show you the pictures and you can decide.  Have you had one?  Would you?

If the laundry ever finishes, I’m off to the American store.  Where they have all kinds of American stuff.  Really just because it will make a good blog post.  Not that I’m going to buy peanut butter and Goldfish and Oreos or anything…









*I didn’t format the pictures in this post because I wanted you to fully appreciate the full-aisle panorama of all the Oliva Oil.  But the first pictures are Petra, then the Xuxu I finally found, the Olive Oil Aisle, and the beach and surroundings of the Cathedral in Palma.


7 thoughts on “Hump Day! Stories from Midway Through the Week.

    • Me too! I was a bit grumpy this morning but exploring the city more today helped. Palma is certainly not lacking for delicious bakeries and food… I just need to suck it up and go to the bakery more 🙂
      Glad I can share the pictures!


    • It does! I didn’t realize that before but you’re right about the ivy.
      And I think the mixer hunt is DOA. Seeing them for 200 euros on ebay might make them a little bit inaccessible right now. I’ll have to make do with some mixing bowls and some elbow grease 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • nothing wrong with a little elbow grease for cooking … i have one but use it sparingly, for now. once winter comes, it gets some use making cookies with the kids

        Liked by 1 person

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