Three Day Weekend and Spanish Meatballs

I can’t believe my Sunday is already almost over.  This three-day weekend flew by, and was definitely jam-packed.

Friday I attempted to go for a run and actually enjoyed making pasta and just hanging out watching TV.  I knew Saturday would be a long day, and it was.  A bunch of people from my program took a day trip to the beach at Es Trenc.  It’s about an hour and a half bus ride to a gorgeous beach, with clear water, white sand, and oddly enough, lots of nudists.  None of us went nude, but nude was all around us.  And of course, never the people you would want to see nude.

The water was a little chilly, and it was about a 45 minute walk along the beach from the bus stop to get to where we had to be, but it was really nice.  This weekend was warm – yesterday was in the 80s and today peaked at 90, so it was great to be on the sand and in the water.  I also got to buy a coconut off some guy who went around selling coconuts and pineapples out of a wheelbarrow.  The coconut water was good, but then the actual coconut was surprisingly filling, and it ended up getting sandy in the wind.  I’m saving the shell though – I can put jewelry or spare change in it.  So that’s cool.

Today I went to watch the marathon in Palma.  It was nuts.  I’ve never been to a marathon up close, and it was huge, but also really relaxed.  Everyone was really excited, and I think the event organizers definitely must have spent at least half of their budget on speakers… it was so loud, and they had speakers every 10 feet or so near the finish line.  I definitely had the feeling that the city didn’t stop just for the marathon though.  People were supportive, but there wasn’t a lot distinguishing the race course from anything else.  Spectators were able to cross through the course, and I ended up walking a bit through the course just because it was poorly marked.  It definitely has me thinking though of the training it would take to run a marathon.  We shall see… I’m gonna sit on that thought for a while before I do anything about it.  This afternoon I did half of a P90X ab circuit and then lapsed into stretching.  Which was probably a good thing since I’ve been walking so much and my legs are cranky.

After the marathon I popped into the Cathedral.  It was open to the public today and really quite pretty.  All the stained glass was beautiful, and you could really see how they could have several different mass services going on at the same time if they wanted to, because it’s that big.

Tonight I’m making meatballs!  I’m calling them Spanish meatballs, if only because I’m making them in Spain.  Although I guess Mallorcan Meatballs would be a better alliteration.  I don’t have a recipe for them.  They’re on the stove now and tasting the sauce, I have a feeling they’re not going to be quite as yummy as they are at home when I’m spoiled by fire-roasted tomatoes.  If you haven’t seen my meatballs yet though, here is a link to chicken meatballs I made a while back, which is odd since every other time I make meatballs, I have made beef.  Regardless, the recipe is the same and you can swap out the chicken for whatever meat you like.

*I’m not captioning my photos this post again because of panoramas, but they should be pretty self explanatory if you read everything above.  The cheat sheet is: beach and a sandwich I made, coconut man, marathon and Palma views and the Cathedral.

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you’re off to a good week!  Anything exciting planned?  I’m still envious of everyone and their sweater weather…


















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