Sophisticated Jersey Girl has moved… again!

Again, the blog is exactly the same, but I, the person, have moved again.  I’m still in Spain, still in Mallorca, and still in Palma, but hopefully finally in the apartment I’m going to live in through May.  On Friday, I picked up my keys, and yesterday I got to move out of my AirBnb and into my actual piso, which is gorgeous.  I’m definitely not settled yet, but I’m one step closer, and I love my new neighborhood.  It’s safer and more central than where I was before, and I’m so thankful to be here!  Hopefully soon I can start cooking more and share some recipes.  Last night I was afraid to manually light the stove with a cigarette lighter so I brought my chicken to a friends’ house to make, but I bought some matches on the way home and hopefully now I’m good to go.

In the meantime, fall is clearly coming.  People are bundling up, the sun isn’t as strong, and the chestnut venders are popping up in the city.  And in the words of my host sister in Madrid from four years ago, who was thirteen at the time, “Castañas son buenas – buenas como los hombres.”  In other words, chestnuts are good, good like men.  So enjoy my pictures of Palma, and then go find some chestnuts, or some men, or maybe, go enjoy some chestnuts with a man.  Happy Sunday!


You heard it here first. Don’t blow those hohns.


Got stuck in the middle of a demon parade Halloween night. Spooky stuff!


He had a (plastic) chainsaw and was not afraid to use it.


Real fire on a stick.


My new neighborhood is filled with florists!


They were gearing up for All Saints’ Day


So many flowers.


I really liked these.


So peaceful this morning!


Looking the other way.


What I had for breakfast. Cafe con leche and a cremadillo de crema. I never want to eat anything else. Deep fried, covered in sugar, and filled with pastry cheese!


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