Dijous Bo

Every year in Inca, a town about 20 minutes from Palma by train, they have a festival on a Thursday in November, called Dijous Bo, or “good Thursday” in Mallorquin.  Not at all like Thanksgiving.  And in fact, they call it a festival, but I’d consider it more of a really big market.  They had a little bit of everything.  I was hoping for more food stalls, but there was a much larger agricultural showing, with tractors and leaf-blowers and a robotic lawn mower {like the vacuum}, and the whole thing was dominated by rows and rows of clothes for sale.  And I don’t understand why you would buy clothes at a market even if you have actual clothing stores in your town.  The market clothes aren’t much cheaper, and there’s no accountability for proper sizing or quality, or if you want to return something.  But anyway, the market did also have food trucks, where I had my first stuffed churro {it was amazing}, and some food markets, and my favorite part, farm animals!!

They had hunting birds, which was a first for me, but weren’t all that interesting since they’re not snuggly.

I did see chickens and rabbits and miniature pigs, and regular pigs, including mama pigs and their babies, as well as mom and baby sheep.  There were donkeys and ponies and… cows!!  No baby cows, but there were two cows.  One was quite vocal; I love hearing them moo!  And the other was just quite large.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cow that large.  I know it was just a state fair situation and not long-term, but seeing these animals in pens really makes me want to make sure more of my meat is free-range, if at all possible.  These creatures are just too beautiful to be confined, and I want them to be treated well.

Also, I got cheese!  I seem to have a problem where I go to markets and buy cheese, like the Manchego I got at the Santa Margalida market a few weeks ago.  This time I got a good bit sheep’s cheese.  I’m thinking it’s all going to have to go into a nice baked macaroni and cheese later.  Something yummy for when it’s cold out tonight 🙂

What are your weekend plans?  Anything exciting??  I was heading to an almond farm, which I was really excited about, but I woke up with a migraine so I think I’m just doing low-key things today.


chocolate- stuffed churro from on top


and the side


They keep the bunnies and the chickens together here.


Baby pigs and mom.


Baby lambs and moms. I think this guy is saying “Mom, wake up!” Either he’s hungry or wants to play.


More baby pigs sleeping.


MOOOOOOOO! She got everyone’s attention.


Not the fair, just a pretty sea view at sunset.


and mountains in the background



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