A Lazy Sunday in Palma

Hope you guys are all enjoying the last day before we go into another work week.  I have had a wonderful weekend, and there’s a chicken roasting in my oven smelling all sorts of good 🙂  When my body decided to crap out on the almond farm trip that I was looking forward to yesterday, I decided to make this weekend all about me.  Spend a little extra time drinking coffee in the morning?  Yes please.  Watch a few too many episodes of Frazier?  That’s okay too!  I had decided to take on a far-too-complicated-for-me-right-now knitting project, and instead of making myself crazy learning to carry different colors up the side and use place-holders, I finally decided to pick an easier pattern.  Problem solved.

Today I slept in until almost 11 {I surprised myself!}, and took my time making coffee and breakfast until after 2pm.  I only ran out before coffee to stop at a tiny bakery downstairs that’s only open on Sundays.  Everything there is made by nuns at the local convent, and I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use some nun-bread.  It looks crusty and delicious, and it is!  I also picked up a chocolate croissant for my 15 hour day tomorrow.

Breakfast was so nice!  I made new pancakes and pancetta.  I’ll share the recipe with you guys once I get measuring cups and can tell you more than how much of each dry ingredient you need relative to the size of my open palm.

After breakfast, I went for a leisurely stroll, and then even fit in a run.  It was really nice just to be, and even nicer to now be sitting in a quiet kitchen listening to my chicken cook up 🙂  I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took on my stroll – Palma really is quite pretty and they’ve begun to decorate for Christmas.  They haven’t lit anything yet, but the festive lights are in place!

Hope your Sunday is as restful and rewarding as mine has been!  Remember to take time for the important things, like good bread and yummy smells in the kitchen, or whatever it is that makes you happy 🙂





5 thoughts on “A Lazy Sunday in Palma

  1. Sounds like you were able to take so much needed “Me Time”. It always does a body good to reset. Good for you! I hope you’ll share photos once the decorations are up and lit. I bet it will be a site to see! Have a good week!!


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