A Trip to the Motherland

The girl is officially back out of Jersey.  I went home for Christmas and New Years, and loved every minute of it.  Even when I got sick on the way home after being awake for 30 straight hours, it was so nice to be sick at home.  Chicken soup really is so much better when your Mommy makes it for you!  And makes you feel better so much more quickly.

The rest of the time I got to spend much needed family time and catch up with friends.  It was so nice.  After flying back Friday into Saturday, and of course not sleeping much on either plane, last night I fell asleep around 9pm Spain time and slept for 14 hours.  Today I’m feeling so lazy, but I know I have to get a run in if I want to fall asleep tonight.  Tomorrow I’m back to the factory – up at 5:30ish to be out of my apartment in time to catch a 6:30am train.  {Actually, 6:35, but I tell myself 6:30 so I have a better chance of getting there on-time.}  Also, 6:30 in Spain is not like 6:30 in Jersey.  At home, people do get up early to get into the city and into work.  There’s a 5:45 train, and I’ve taken a few fairly-full 5:30am spin classes.  Here though, the only people out are the street cleaners and, before I switched apartments, the prostitutes.  {I’m not sure who their market is at 6 in the morning, anyway.}  I pass easily 5 or 6 bakeries on the 10-15 minute walk to the train, and only 1 is open.  And, after the train ride through darkness, waiting on the platform to be picked up by a teacher from school, the first roosters of the morning start to crow around 7:30am.  And the sun finally rises around 8.  Which is all to add to my rant that 6:30 in Spain is butt-early.  I’m calling it 4 or 4:30am Eastern Standard Time.  And I’m not trying to be the George Stephanopoulos of Mallorca.  {If you missed it, he wakes up at 2:15 every morning before work.  And 2:15 is early anywhere.}

This past break, anyway, was lovely.  Lots of good food, both Jersey favorites and holiday goodness.  Some new recipes that I still have to share – new Christmas cookies, a very special eggplant parm, and I received Dominique Ansel’s new cookbook.  This is going to be my year of the Cronut.

Here’s to hoping Mallorca seems more welcoming once the jet lag has worn off.  Yesterday I wanted to go to Ikea and join a gym, but realized I shouldn’t let myself make any big purchases after I impulse bought a mop at the grocery store.  Granted, it’s a Swiffer knock-off, which I’ve needed, but still.  I also bought all the vegetables and ate a whole bag of arugula last night.  While I’m looking back at a great Christmas this year, I’m still looking forward at trying to do more clean eating.  I’ve got some lofty running goals on the horizon, and I don’t have a choice.  Chocolate pastry only gets you so far.

*After my run, Mallorca does seem more welcoming.  You can only stay so grumpy when you’re wearing shorts and looking at palm trees and the see when you know everyone back home is wearing no fewer than 16 layers.  Here’s some pictures to enjoy – I’m trying out a new watermark this year!  Let me know what you think – right now I’m not giving it two thumbs up because on some pictures it’s definitely bigger than I’d like, and also, whenever I upload iPhone photos from my computer and not my iPhone, they lose a lot in the way of quality.  It’s really frustrating.  Any WP advice is appreciated!!

How was your holiday season?  What do you have planned for 2015?


Christmas down the shore!


decorated by some festive folk


a dreary day at the beach is still beautiful


Tuna melt with Swiss cheese on homemade pita bread with half regular fries and half sweet potato fries from my diner. The best the end.


Mountain of meatballs for a dinner with friends!


Butter cookies! Please note how I took the time to separate North and South Jersey visually, using red and green sprinkles. The divide is in different spots on all of them, but I had to sneak it in 🙂 {I love all Jersey, but how do you not take a NJ cookie cutter that step further?}


Missing Thanksgiving means missing pie. I had to fix that.

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