Jet Lag or Insomnia?

It’s Wednesday morning on Mallorca, and I have thankfully had two nights of uninterrupted sleep, where, when I wanted to, I actually fell asleep.  Sunday night I wasn’t so lucky, call it jet lag or what have you.  Last night I found out my roommate had also been awake until after 4 in the morning – maybe it was the heavy Spanish meal we ate at the bar below our piso, but nobody knows for sure.  Not sleeping when you want to has to be one of the worst feelings, but, as other people’s discomfort is usually more entertaining than your own, I thought I’d share the thoughts going through my head for your entertainment.  I wrote this Monday morning, so the time frame is now a little off, but you get the idea.  Enjoy!

Things I thought of last night when I was lying awake/miss from home. Last night was oddly reminiscent of my first days in Palma back in October. I think I was jet-lagged and in denial about it. I would lay and bed and try to sleep against the backdrop of street people outside. Everything was quiet last night, except for when someone went to the bathroom upstairs around 3:30 (a long number 1). I tried to sleep for approximately 5 and a half hours, from 11 to 4:30. And then again from 6 to 8. I finally fell asleep after 8, when my alarm was going off. I did try and cry myself to sleep, but just ended up crying over the lack of sleep. There was no sleep. A non-exhaustive list:

  1. Bagels – I may or may not have brought 19 individually food-saved bagels in my suitcase.
  2. Decent pizza
  3. Whoopi Goldberg
  4. George Stephanopoulos – we got up at the same time today, an ocean apart.
  5. My bed.
  6. My cat.
  7. Showers with consistent temperature.
  8. Mueller’s
  9. Cheese claws
  10. Crumb cake
  11. Six Brothers Diner
  12. Running up big hills.
  13. Running
  14. Not running enough
  15. 3sixtycycle
  16. The gym.
  17. Basketball
  18. Wisconsin
  19. Public safety
  20. Eddie the Mailman from undergrad
  21. South America
  22. My job
  23. Renewing my job
  24. Not renewing my job
  25. Part time jobs I could do at home while I find a job job.
  26. Jennifer Aniston
  27. Why round trip plane tickets are cheaper
  28. The Boardwalk
  29. Jon Bon Jovi
  30. Fire by Bruce Springsteen
  31. Faith
  32. Where George Michael is today.
  33. Biting my nails.
  34. Jackie on Roseanne
  35. Why Jackie and Fred didn’t stay together
  36. The new Becky
  37. Scrubs
  38. What Zack Braff is up to now.
  39. The time until I have to wake up…


Can you relate??

Here’s to warm glasses of milk, kicking anxiety out of your bedroom, and a good night’s sleep!


5 thoughts on “Jet Lag or Insomnia?

  1. Oh no!! Glad you had at least two nights of uninterrupted sleep! I don’t do that very often, but next time I do I am making a list (although it may be a little scary to see what pops into my brain)! I love this post. Cheers with a glass of warm milk and a lot of sheep to count! 🙂


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