San Sebastian!

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re staying warm in the Northern Hemisphere.  Last night in Palma it dropped down into the 30s!  Last year I never would have thought of 30F as cold, but here it is!!  In spite of this, the Correfoc for St. Sebastian had to go on.  Basically a parade with fireworks that seemed to me to be marginally safe at best.  St. Sebastian is the patron saint of Palma, and so while the rest of the island is celebrating St. Anthony, here it’s all about St. Sebastian.  Which is fine with me.  I schlepped up to Sa Pobla {far} on Friday night, and was totally overwhelmed by the St. Anthony festivities.  It was a lot of drunk people and unsupervised children playing with fireworks.  The correfoc was better.  And literally right outside my door, so I didn’t have to go far at all.

I don’t know why they do this here.  Yes I know it’s to celebrate St. Sebastian, but I don’t understand all the demons.  Or why my favorite nun bread store is closed today.  I’ve been thinking about that bread actually all week.  Regardless, here are some pictures of dudes dressed like demons shooting sparklers at crowds of people and up into dry trees.  Enjoy!

IMG_2150Jan 18, 2015

the fireworks are coming! I’m probably 50 feet away at this point.

IMG_2154Jan 18, 2015

I think this is a dragon shooting fireworks out of his/her rear.

IMG_2166Jan 18, 2015

Basically a parade float full of demons, carrying fire.

IMG_2173Jan 18, 2015

fireworks everywhere!

IMG_2180Jan 18, 2015

the demons are getting closer!

IMG_2196Jan 17, 2015

this dude.

IMG_2204Jan 18, 2015

more fireworks

IMG_2256Jan 18, 2015

Demons on stage. Again, shooting fireworks over the crowd. Did I forget to mention people bring their children and have them sit on their shoulders to watch? Totally safe…

And that sums up San Sebastian.  Sorry my pictures are so grainy… it was dark.  I wanted to upload some video, but I’m not ready to go premium on WordPress just yet.  Also, I tried to make my watermark smaller so it wasn’t so in your face.

Regardless, does this sound like a party you’d like to go to?  It started after 10 and it was almost 12 when I went home, though the parade kept going.  As it passed through, the people watching earlier along the route just fell into line and followed the drummers along the parade route.  Kind of like if the people on Midland Ave just started following Elvis after he passed through.  Very interesting.  Stay safe from the demons and enjoy!!


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