February on Mallorca

Hi guys!!  Still no new recipes, but I thought you’d enjoy pictures from a run I took {or went on.  Not sure which is correct.  My English is really abandoning me at an alarming rate over here} the other day.  60+ degrees for mid-February really isn’t bad.  The last two weeks before this one have been brutally cold… into the 30s at night, which, I know is not that cold, but I swear I was warmer living in the Arctic Circle in Montreal.  There at least they had things like indoor heat and… insulation.  Needless to say I loved every minute of the balmy, sunny weather this week.  The sun even rises before 8am now, and sets after 6pm.  I’m getting hopeful that we might be through the worst of it here.  Spring might be on the way.  In the meantime, enjoy these beach views.

IMG_2600Feb 12, 2015

IMG_2601Feb 12, 2015

IMG_2604Feb 11, 2015 IMG_2612Feb 12, 2015

IMG_2628Feb 12, 2015


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