The Last Time I Was in Paris, or Paris for the Birthday of a {Quarter} Century

Someone had a birthday last week!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been home for my birthday to celebrate with family on the day, but I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by people who help make it special wherever I am {Feel free to start singing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego in your head.  Not like I did or anything}.

This year my birthday coincided {almost} with a puente, a Spanish long weekend.  Actually not sure if this was an official puente.  Puente is supposed to be when you have a holiday on a Thursday, and everyone gets off Friday too.  That’s the puente, or bridge, to the weekend.  But this was a Friday – Monday thing.  Anyway, I was supposed to leave on Friday, but Vueling surprised me by moving my flight a day earlier, which meant I would get another day in Paris.  And get to be in Paris on my birthday.  How lucky is that?

And, when reading tour guides to see what I wanted to do, and eat, I found out that the International Agriculture Show was going to coincide with my visit.  4000 farm animals, and samples of local farm food?  Yes, please.  I’m not going to say the best part of Paris was taking selfies with cows, but I do love my cows.  And the calves were so sweet!  If you’re in Paris late-February next year, I really recommend it.

I got to sight-see and eat lots of French things.  I already want to go back.  Best of all, I got to spend the weekend with a wonderful friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.  It was good to catch up and especially giggle.  But, the best way for you to see Paris isn’t for me to tell you about it.  The best way is for you to see my pictures.

IMG_2856Mar 6, 2015

Happy Meal in the airport on the way to Paris. Can’t remember the last time I’d had one, but it was so good.

IMG_2857Mar 6, 2015


IMG_2861Mar 6, 2015

Saw another plane from my plane for the first time. Seemed so close! Has this ever happened to you?

IMG_2875Mar 6, 2015

Birthday dinner! Chicken and pasta. Yummy red wine.

IMG_2878Mar 6, 2015

Birthday Creme Brulee. So good.

IMG_2880Mar 6, 2015

Side shot.

IMG_2882Mar 6, 2015

Birthday flowers. I was such a lucky birthday girl! Thank you.

IMG_2887Feb 27, 2015

Bakery #1. Mind blown.

IMG_2888Feb 27, 2015

More goodies.

IMG_2889Mar 6, 2015

Croissant au beurre and cafe au lait.

IMG_2896Feb 27, 2015

Amazed by the selection.

IMG_2897Mar 6, 2015

Another view.

IMG_2901Mar 6, 2015

Chocolate crepe.

IMG_2923Feb 27, 2015

Babies! I love watching piglets sleep.

IMG_2962Mar 6, 2015

I think she’s playing See-Food.

IMG_3046Mar 6, 2015


IMG_3088Feb 27, 2015

My new buddy.

IMG_3091Feb 28, 2015

No idea what these are but they look amazing!

IMG_3093Feb 28, 2015

Beautiful pastries.

IMG_3096Mar 6, 2015

Chausson au pomme. Apple turnover.

IMG_3104Mar 6, 2015

Inside Notre Dame.

IMG_3118Feb 28, 2015

Confit du canard. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

IMG_3120Mar 6, 2015

I had good company. It wasn’t just me and the duck.

IMG_3132Mar 1, 2015

Another best thing I’ve ever eaten. Chocolate mille-feuille.

IMG_3142Mar 6, 2015

View from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

IMG_3143Mar 6, 2015

Ditto looking the other way.

IMG_3147Mar 6, 2015

I thought it was cute.

IMG_3156Mar 1, 2015

Classic Eiffel Tower shot.

IMG_3157Mar 6, 2015

At night.

That was my birthday, with good people in good place eating good food.  And cows!  How do you like to spend your birthdays?


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