Italy Part 1: Naples

I’ve had a half-started post about Naples open for over a week.  Clearly I’m not doing a great job of telling the story of my trip, so I’m going to let the pictures do that.  It was the last part of my Italy trip, but one of the most exciting.  I was really looking forward to eating pizza where it all began!  Naples is safe enough.  There are sketchy people, but friendly people too!  I traveled alone and pretty much always felt fine.  Pompeii was boring.  The gelato was good, not as good as in Rome.  You should go and eat the pizza.  Or better yet, the pizza fritta.  The pizza was delicious, but nothing you couldn’t get at a good Neapolitan pizza place in New York or New Jersey.  Still worth the trip.

IMG_4738Apr 15, 2015

Capri in the distance.

IMG_4739Apr 15, 2015

Supposedly Oscar Wilde lived there.

IMG_4763Apr 15, 2015

Islands from a cave.

IMG_4767Apr 15, 2015

I thought it was pretty.

IMG_4770Apr 6, 2015

More views.

IMG_4787Apr 6, 2015

The pizza!! From L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Sorbillo was closed for Pasquetta, so I can’t compare, but it was good!

IMG_4789Apr 6, 2015

A different view.

IMG_4786Apr 6, 2015

Cheesy close-up.

IMG_4791Apr 15, 2015

Look at that bubble-age! So good!

IMG_4902Apr 7, 2015

Ruins at Pompeii. I think this was the forum.

IMG_5103Apr 15, 2015

Necessary gelato. From this place called Gay-Odum that the tour guide recommended. Decent gelato, really cranky lady working there.

IMG_5119Apr 7, 2015

Naples shoreline.

IMG_5153Apr 7, 2015

Pizza Fritta!!  From Zia Esterina Sorbillo.  Next door to the famous Gino Sorbillo.

IMG_5154Apr 15, 2015

Inside. Ricotta and some kind of delicious pork.

IMG_5156Apr 15, 2015

Again. Delicious.

IMG_5112Apr 7, 2015

Naples panorama. Pop up fair, gorgeous red clay tennis courts, a cruise ship and mountain (volcano?) in the distance.

What’s the craziest trip you’ve taken just to eat the regional food?


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