About Me :)

I’m a New Jersey native looking for my place in the world.  I write about things I cook and bake, my obsession with my compost bin, my attempts at urban homesteading, and sometimes awkward social events and time with my friends.  Although I grew up just outside of New York City, I dream about the day when I can have my own farm.

Welcome to my blog!  Thanks for stopping by!  Please feel free to use my pictures and content, as long as you link back to this site and give me credit.

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26 thoughts on “About Me :)

  1. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! You might also like this one – myfoododyssey.com – it’s written by an Irish girl who moved to Lithuania and is in the process of setting up a home and farm there! 🙂 Linda.


  2. Your blog caught my eye. Well the name actually. Being from Essex County NJ I can tell you that I KNOW there’s not a whole lot of THAT going on in north Jersey. LOL


  3. Much Luck in Spain! No one in Jersey pumps their own gas?! I was born in Middlesex County and it is called the “Shore”. I was raised in Florida where I still reside and I live on the Beach! Play on words but I do hear you! Cheryl


    • Thank you!! The only people in Jersey who pump their own gas are the people from out of state who get impatient waiting for the gas station person to finish helping someone else. Personally I like waiting in line for the gas station person.
      It is funny how names for the same things change in different places!
      Also, clicked onto your site… portabella mushroom burger looks delicious!!


      • My wife grew up in Jersey and didn’t pump her own gas until college. It’s like she was held back a grade or something. I taught my 12-year old how to pump gas because I don’t want her in the same predicament. She thinks it’s a big treat. Trip to Ohio to see my family have a whole, new fun dimension.


  4. Hi there!

    Hope you’re well! I wanted to first of all thank you for being a subscriber to my blog!

    I’m reaching out to you to let you know about some changes to my blog site. A couple of months ago, I moved to a self hosted site. While the link remains the same and I could move all my subscribers over without a hitch, I just found out that my WordPress followers like yourself would have to visit my new site and resubscribe to it if you wanted to keep receiving email notifications every time I posted.

    I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I’m reaching to all my lovely fellow WordPress followers because I’ve loved the interaction I’ve had with all of them even if it was just a plain old ‘like’!

    Have a great day and good luck with your new life in Spain! 🙂

    Best regards,



  5. You remind me of my daughter who graduated uni spring 2013 – She promptly found a position teaching kindergarten at The American School in Tegucigalpa. She will soon be done with her two year contract – love having her come home once in a while, although i did have a chance to visit her in her new home. Hopefully, one day she’ll come back to the farm. Hope all your dreams come true!


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